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Ankle Is The New Male Cleavage

It would be silly to say that street style has not evolved incredibly in the last couple of years and it feels like it is because of this interest that every guy and his grandmother are going sockless these days.  And let's be honest, the reasons for doing so aren't that hard to see.  However, just because you can go sockless, doesn't exactly mean you should.  And, as with most things when it comes to style, there are a few general guidelines that will help pull off the look without looking like a peacocking tw*t (excuse my language). 

You must take into account the surroundings around you - i.e.  the weather.  If there is gale force winds and it is raining then perhaps skipping out on those fair isle pattern feet warmers isn't such a good idea after all?  Everyone knows wet ankles aren't sexy.  You also must be aware of where you are heading.  A stylish gentleman will always dress appropriately for his intended arrival, even if that does involve a hair flick or two.  For example, if you are heading for a few "sociables" with your friends? Sure, skip those you rebel.  Heading off to a black tie event?  You might wanna throw on a pair of socks.  Your boss may not appreciate your hobo chic look.  Knowing when and where to bust out your ankles is pretty vital these days. 

But other than those two points, why not go without?  As of recent, I have come to terms with the whole sockless look.  And that maybe that's because it has been forced upon on me.  Regardless, if its done right, I find it very attractive.  It doesn't matter if its a navy pinstripe suit or some beat up blue jeans and t-shirt combo, going sockless adds a nice little relaxed nonchalant twist to any look.  Besides, Tom Browne once said "ankle is the new male cleavage". 

Seeing as I am trying to convince you to leave your socks at home so I can be more attracted to you I think it's time we look for some inspiration.  Although most of us would never consider going to a formal event without socks, I think these images prove that it can be done. 

Now take a look at the wide variety of options and see if you can incorporate this look into your own personal style. 

As always, this isn't just about my wandering meanderings, it's about what you guys who take the time to read this blog think too.  Do you go sockless?  Are you too attached to your socks to let them go just yet?  Maybe you are afraid of pedicures?