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A Short Festival Guide

Like it or not, the days when festivals were all about music are long gone.  You read as much about the fashion as you do the front row and the z-listers grab more of the headlines than headliners themselves - festivals have hit the mainstream, big time.  Festival fashion has become such a huge thing, with many brands like Topman and ASOS tailoring much of their summer promotion round music and festivals.

I'm not saying that this added commercialism is necessarily a bad thing though, because like many of you, I am a music fan and fashion lover in equal parts.  I prefer to embrace festival fashion as a trend, and a challenge, rather than moan about how 'things aren't like they used to be' at festivals.  After all, if you're going to be wearing the same thing for 4 days then you may as well wear something that looks great.  People look for what it 'hot' at this summers festivals but I think the only thing you need to worry about is having enough wet wipes, lets be honest now.  Many of the summer trends are still applicable at festivals - they just need amending slightly to become more practical.  Its out with the chinos and in with the dark denim and wellies while graphic t-shirts and vests take center stage.  As for me, I think I will dress in all white one day, just for the challenge.

Electric Picnic is a handful of hours away from opening its gates and it does help to be prepared for these things, but if you are like me and you have left the next 4 days of your life unprepared then take a look at this festival list.  Most list seem pretty excessive but I think this one keeps the bulls**t to a minimum.

We are going to get a lot of looks over the weekend over our chosen outfits and people will be like 'have you looked in the mirror, love' - each to there own and all that jazz.  Its a festival, who is to judge?  Sure, my mini skirt is going to be so short that you will be able to see my ovaries.  Or, em....moving on.  The most important thing about this weekend is savoring every minute of whats set to be an incredible 10th anniversary for Electric Picnic.  If I don't see you at the festival, I shall see you on the flip side.