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Men Can Learn So Much From Women

You know when you are constantly surrounded by something and you get unbelievably frustrated at it? That is how I have kinda been with my wardrobe as of late.  Your wardrobe wants you to be creative with it and its hard to wake up each morning with that same passion that you once had.  However, one part of my wardrobe that my friends always take sly digs at is what section of a retail store my clothes come from.  I will admit, I am not half as bad as I used to be, but women's clothes have always been incorporated into my wardrobe.  Now before you rush to the comments section and start verbally thrashing me, let me explain. 

I haven't exactly started wearing women's clothes exclusively.  I only do that in my apartment.  My point is that as men we can learn so much from women.  They have been doing this far long than we have, guys.  When it comes to colour combinations, pattern mixing and textures, women destroy us.  But who is to say that we can't steal from them? Fashion is a women's game after all.  *que the sexist emails I shall be opening* Both a man and a woman's world crossover more than we originally think so why not try implement something from the opposite sex into what you wear the next time you are struggling for an outfit?

Menswear tends to have far to many rules and it can be quite restricting.  Women have no problem mixing and matching items that create a balanced look.  For men it is as simple as re-considering wearing boat shoes/loafers with a suit or as complex as blending a blazer with jeans.  Either way, it comes down to experimenting and who knows, you could be surprised by your own results. 

A constant theme that I have noticed throughout womenswear is that the colours they use are always impeccably chosen.  The next time you see a girl who you think has nailed their colour scheme, take a moment to think why you liked it so much.  Most guys only have two colour modes: monochromatic or bright, loud and bold.  Instead, take note of from the the female of our species and explore that middle ground of contrasting and complementing colour combinations. 

Seasonal materials always work best together and it is women who only seem to understand this.  As men, we seem to have an instinct to just stick to cotton all year round without venturing to far from this.  Understanding texture is so important because not only will they keep you warm during the winter months and cool during summer, they will add another visual layer to your outfit, which makes them infinitely more appealing. 

Guys tend to play it safe with looks that they know suit them and fit their own lifestyle.  While women on the other hand, have all the fun.  One day they are dressed as a ninja pirate, the next drawing inspiration from a preppy business woman or a biker chick.  Each day is a new day with endless possibilities. Obviously, I'm not advocating going to work dressed as a Charlie's angel or a pirate, but why not take courage from their bold choices and experiment with your wardrobe?  It's as easy as breaking out a simple floral print shirt or brightly coloured footwear.  It might not be what you usually wear but isn't it those times when we push ourselves more we tend to reap more rewards (or, at the very least, learn something new about yourself). 

Finally, don't be afraid to look around the women's section in any store.  It's 2013, people shouldn't care.  If they do then screw them.  You know from past posts that I only wear women's skinny jeans so should I not be allowed do that because I'm a guy?  It's a completely wasted resource that goes unnoticed by so many men because they are embarrassed.  Such it up and go shop the women's section, you girls.  Now if you don't mind, I'm off to see if I can realistically incorporate a tweed skirt into my everyday work attire.