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Who Decides That You Look Good?

Finally, university is complete.  My brain is still in over drive but the memories have made it worthwhile.  One thing that was pretty evident throughout college was that the majority of people don't care so much for their image, clothes or hair.  But it is a requirement of life.  Each and every one of us indulges in expensive and unnecessary extravagance all the time.  I know if I didn't take part in this I would have so much money. Instead, I have countless black bags of clothes that I hate because I was impulsive.  It's like: 'why did I buy that? Ew." No but in all seriousness, we want to look good, we want people to notice us.  Truth be told, we are all vain.

We all have a self-centred streak.  For most, is about looking better than the next guy - mean girls eat your heart out.  So many spend a huge portion of their day judging people.  We are all too busy getting frustrated at people who are wearing trousers that are too long, or if one is not wearing jeans from the 1980's.  Although, some trends to deserve to stay in the past but who are we to judge.  We are constantly comparing ourselves to others. 

To be honest, we all sound like catastrophic arseholes (excuse the French).

The world is such a superficial place and the existence of massive inequality is without a doubt a testament to that, especially in places like Ireland.  But without getting into a huge debate about what 'click' you fit into, how we look matters.  There is no denying that.  Being a little bit obsessive about your image is something that everybody does.  How do you think Victoria Beckham managed to cement that frown on her face?  The whole concept off getting dressed and leaving the house is based on one’s social consciousness and vanity.  It is only fair to say, and correct me if I'm wrong, that every person you know, bar very few, at some level, is concerned with their image.  But this still raises the question of who's to say, more than anyone else, that you look good?

Miranda Priestly? (Probably)

Fashion is such a subjective social topic so of course we are all going to have our own opinions.  We develop our own idea of style that satisfies our taste and we never really gravitate from that (well a couple do, but that's a discussion for another day).  I have a certain style and I like to express my opinions through this but that doesn't mean that my opinion is better than yours and vice a versa. 

You can of course, rely on your personal opinion and if you are confident with your look they nobody else really matters, despite their social status.  But being happy with your own style can only take you so far, being able to say we look good often requires more assurance that what you on your own can provide.  True?

So if it’s not enough to be confident in your own look then what is it?  Is it the approval of your friends or the people you pass on the street?  Everyone loves a compliment and it’s nice to know that people would take the time to praise your outfit.  Just like peer pressure, peer approval is a very powerful thing. 

Does your friends’ asking you for fashion advice suggest that you look good? Does the attention of that particular someone dictate how you dress before you leave the house? Friends play such an important role in our lives and their opinion does matter a great deal - we are so loyal to them, and we often take their word over others - so is it them that decide?  Honestly, most of my friends are either gay or girls and there are times I need their sassy-ness to decide on outfits. 

OR, is it the fashion industry that dictates?  Whilst we have our own style, the industry dictates what we wear each season and what we can buy.  Twice a year, models starve themselves to showcase "the next big thing" and we all follow quite happily.  We all know that trends come and go and classic styles turn in circles.  But we rely on the shops to provide us with the tools for these styles. 

This is such a complex issue but it is one that is worth thinking about and quite carefully at that.  It is understandable that where our style receives approval allows us to see what we are doing right and what we are doing wrong.  It gives us a sense of modesty and undoubtedly stops us from becoming judgemental f******.  We don't have to please everyone all the time, but we can at least please some.

Truthfully, I can't pin point who says we look good, it is a mixture of all the above.  The fashion industry dictates the fit and colours of items that dominate the high street while our friends offer us a sense of reassurance or brutal honesty. 

But we as individuals still have choice:  we pick one thing over another, we can choose how we look and it is up to us to be confident in our look.  Confidence in your clothes makes all the difference to the way you talk, walk and carry yourself.  Who says that you look good? Well it is a complicated question and you have heard my views so let's hear yours.