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The Skinny Jean

Life is full of debating.  It doesn't matter if it is a political discussion, deeply concerning environmental issues regarding the plight of cute pandas or just arguments with your friends over how many bottles you can drink in a night (Its best you don't know the answer to that).  Like come on, who doesn't love a bit of Jeremy Kyle.  Although, that could be seen more as unnecessary shouting than a reasoned debate.  So is it fair to say that a life without debate isn't really a life at all?

The fashion world is without a doubt no stranger to controversial debates.  Just look at Lady GaGa.  I don't like using her as an example but unfortunately she is who everybody will refer to when asked who pushes the boundaries of fashion the most.  Her meat dress caused so much controversy in the fashion industry and the wider world.  However, this is quite an extreme example and it will probably never enter the mind of your average fashion curious gentleman, but it would be naive to think that debating and differing views had little or no impact on our everyday choice of clothing. 

I was employed by Jack Wills in Dublin last week and when I started my manager asked me to pick out my uniform but I was to try and keep my personality in mind when choosing.  My point is that we all describe our style in a way that we want but this specific style can boil down to certain items; which brings me onto the main topic of this post, skinny jeans.

Did you enjoy that little picture there? Now when you are finished cleaning the drool off yourself you can continue reading.  I personally think that it would be pretty difficult to even try and discuss the trends of the past couple of years without including skinny jeans.  In such a short time they became a huge part of fashion trends, to my delight may I add.  The go to stereotype for such jeans is without a doubt the "emo" trend; like what image is more recognisable than the pasty faced teenager, with black clothes and a ridiculous fringe and studs everywhere, who walked down the road listening to heavy metal.  Now that is just an example and no insults are meant.  One could say the same about me: the pasty faced tall guy with the ridiculous Jedward hair who danced down the road to music by Shania Twain.  One thing we have in common though is that Johnny track suit and the white lightening gang will always roar abuse at us. 

However, the skinny jean is so much versatile than that.  They portray a sharper silhouette, with more definition and cleaner lines.  This helps create a sharper look and brings us back to the 1960's while still keeping a modern feel.  It is a popular look.  You can't deny that.  All you have to do is look at any popular figure in music, film and fashion to see for yourself. 

But like any debate, there is a for and an against.  I am all for the above but we have to consider the other side as well.  As much as skinny jeans have emerged as a force in the fashion industry, other styles like the vintage and heritage trends have been revamped.  It was only a matter of time before the skinny jeans spotlight on the catwalk deteriorated.  This has allowed different cuts to emerge and new possibilities.  Slim jeans appear to be a strong competitor to the skinny jean even though they have a cleaner and sharper cut just like the skinny jean.  However, they don't have the social stigma that the skinny jean has. 

The emergence of all these new cuts allows you to make just as big a statement as you would in skinny jeans, like the chino for example.  When this classic style was revamped it allowed its consumers the ability to switch between a casual day look and a formal wear evening.  Chinos also provide you with an alternative to jeans, especially when you are dealing with the heat (Or what little we actually experienced). 

Whether you like skinny jeans or not, there is no denying that they have had a massive impact on the fashion world.  But as intended, the post was supposed to create some kind of debate, even if it was pretty much one sided.  Of course, I am a big fan of skinny jeans and I would have every guy in a pair because they are so versatile.  If I'm being honest, I look completely ridiculous wearing any other cut of jeans.  However, it's not my opinion I'm interested in so let me know what you think.  Oh and for all of those that might have been wondering, I can assure you that no, skinny jeans do not crush a gentlemen's vegetables.