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The Skinny Jean: Part II

Let’s start this off by outlining that I am not talking about having a skinny body vs. that of a Greek god.  That would be a completely different subject.  This post is actually building on the previous one about skinny jeans. 

Last week I asked the question "Do skinny jeans belong in a man's wardrobe?”  To be honest, the last post was a debate of sorts but we all know that skinny jeans do deserve a place in a man’s wardrobe.  But now, let’s take a look at just how skinny our jeans can get.  How skinny is TOO skinny?

This is a question that was raised between me and my boss the other day and it threw up some rather interesting issues.  Is there an age limit to skinny jeans? Should men be allowed wear women's skinny jeans and vice-a-versa? I think that you can wear skinny jeans as long as they suit your frame.  But the thing is here is how skinny your jeans are - are they on the skinny side of slim or do you actually have to jump up and down to pull them on? I have no problem getting them on but getting them off is quite an experience, trust me.

Common sense would probably dictate that an older gent would be better off with the wider end of the scale, but is that an excuse not to experiment? Like everything in fashion, you buy the clothes that suit you: your body, your look and your style.  Skinny jeans should not be excluded from that. 

I have found that I wear skinny jeans for every occasion.  Some people might think that a pair of skin tight jeans and brogues paired with coloured socks might look ridiculous but I love it.  This is a question that isn't as black and white as it may seem, it varies from person to person, and we don't all dress the same.  How boring would that be?

Without doubt, skinny jeans have certainly thrown off the stigma of years gone by.  As the masses have joined in they have become much more accepted; the feminine connotations are no longer a big problem, we no longer have to worry about being judged because we are in the women's section looking for the perfect fit. 

No, the onus now is perhaps on us, the wearer of skinny jeans, rather than the jeans themselves.  It is us after all that has to choose the most appropriate jean to suit our body.  If something doesn't suit, what's the point in trying to force it? Skinny jeans are here to stay and they have earned their place in our wardrobes and they deserve the respect we give the rest of our clothes. 

Regardless, skinny jeans are always going to cause a divided opinion.  Personally, I don't think there is anything wrong with skinny jeans but I do think there is an issue with how they are worn and the poor choices some people make.