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Just How Far Can We Actually Go?

Everyday the world is changing; the concept of what makes a man, what constitutes manliness and what is or isn't acceptable of the male image is undergoing its biggest transformation (In my memory anyway).  Our attitudes change just like our clothes, social stigma and the attitudes of everyone around us.  There is no doubt that the way we approach our style and maintain our bodies has come a long way, but that has also caused a lot of controversy.  These developments can be considered as positive but then again you always have that handful of people that have a divided opinion. 

Society has got to the stage that it is socially acceptable for men to care about every aspect of their image (Well in most parts).  The old age image of a mans man, the kind that could fight off a bear with one arm whilst holding his wife in the other and who thought shopping was strictly for women, barely exists today it seems.

Men can groom and style and get pampered to their hearts content.  A man that does everything to look good is a man that stands out because he cares about his image (Lets not do a Simon Cowell on it, folks).  But just how far can a man actually go?

The most obvious change in this attitude is that we expect men to be on top of their image everyday.  The world is competitive and looks help everything.  First appearances are crucial, ain't nobody got time for second chances.

The whole concept of manliness, particularly in today's society, is pretty hard to define.  Is a man rugged and hairy chested or is a man one that has incorporated more feminine qualities into his personality?

Some spent hours searching through fashion show photos trying to find the next big thing that will push their style to another level, others are more consistent and want to keep their classic image and then you have the sheep, the ones who dress in what everyone else is wearing. 

We know that society can accept a certain extent of male grooming but surely we all have an image of a rugged man at the back of our heads - that knight in shining armour.  I know I have (David Beckham *ahem*)

So how far can we go? Men will always be judged for trying to look good.  Shouldn't each individual just give the middle finger and delve into their own image and create their perfect idea of themselves?  I think so.