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Cross Gender Trends & Styles

As we roll into spring 2013, several styles roll with it and linger ever so temptingly for us to try.  Has your arm hosted the arm bundling hobby yet?  Or as the female body call it, an "arm party".  If you are a female and you haven't tried this , Iris Apfel is currently sobbing in dismay.

I personally can't resist the fun of stacking loads of things onto my arms from time to time and flaunting it in public.  A collage of wrist wear is appealing. But, menswear everywhere continues to grow stronger and stronger so what about male arm parties?  Or should we rename it to preserve our masculinity?  Men have several options when it comes to styling their arm.  Each morning the first piece of wrist wear that I put on is my watch.  I base my wrist wear around this, even if it is pink.  The watches counterparts can vary from tigers -eye , wood, and beaded bracelets.  My personal favorite is many braided bracelets.  I find that they help to accentuate the beads and watch. 

So is it acceptable for cross gender trends and styles?  Can men pull off female trends in a masculine way?  Arm parties?  Of course.  Slippers?  Throw on a pair of loafers.  Neck accessories?  Go grab some collar bars and tie clips.  It's 2013, the boundaries were blurred a long time ago.  There should be no excuse for anyone wanting to try a trend that seems impractical to one sex.  Go have fun, take risks and go party all night long, god knows I will.