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An Overlooked Commodity

Hair is something of an underrated and overlooked commodity.  A carefully styled cut can help create a coherent and well balanced look that connects its individual components in terms of colour and texture.  

Predicting men's hair trends can be pretty difficult because there is never any dramatic change over twelve months.  Hair styles tend to evolve slowly over time.  Although, I tend to be impulsive and try a dramatic change in just a couple of hours.  Unfortunately, it always goes horribly wrong.  

However, there are two cuts that are unlikely to go wrong and will stand head and shoulders above the rest. The first, a slick side parting; with added internal length.  This helps to create a more refined and formal look.  David Beckham and George Clooney pull it off so why cant you? 

The alternative is a favourite of mine.  If only my hair was that little bit longer.  This style is in the form of longer, textured hair which can be achieved with products like sea salt sprays.  I've never used sea salt so maybe that's why I cant achieve the natural finish with loads of texture and volume...

The importance of hair should not be underestimated.  Whether its trying to bring a little fashionable flair to your nine to five outfit or topping off a trip to Europe, investing time and effort into your hair will help add that shot of individuality.