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Story, bud

A penny for your thoughts? Remember when you were a kid and your biggest worry was, if you get stretch Armstrong for your birthday or if you could get away with having chocolate for breakfast. Being an adult though, totally overrated. I mean, don't be fooled by all the slick kicks and the great sex and the no parents anywhere, telling you what to do. Adulthood is essentially responsibility and responsibility sucks. I say this because I love change. Always have since I was a kid. Can't count the amount of times I'd try change a bunch of things. That slowly faded out though as I got older. Change and responsibility don't seem to go hand in hand. Adulthood again, eh? Its finding that balance that seems to be key. And I guess adulthood still has its perks. I mean, the kicks, the sex and the no parents telling you what to do. That has to stand for something? 
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Hats off to you, lads

Over the years men have endured many trends. Flares, laddism, gym culture and lumersexuality are just a few to note. However, something that is on the rise, and not because of style or taste, but because of the changing face of masculinity, is men's interest groups. There are more and more conversations around men and modern masculinity and this has opened up a whole bunch of topics about mental health, male suicide rates and breaking down those barriers on what you could call toxic masculinity. You don't have to be a genius to notice that the majority of men deal with things in isolation and don't ask for help. It's kind of the same thing that mental health and suicide problems are about. As awareness builds around these things, men's interest groups have become a bit of a thing as a result. This is definitely a movement I don't want to see go the way of sideburns. Hats off to you, lads.
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Jog on, mate

I'd like to think that exercise is a major part of my week but I'd be lying. Most of the time I buckle under stress when it comes to the gym. Bed gets in the way most mornings, or taking a longer shower. I will pretty much find just about any excuse to justify why I haven't worked out that day. However, I did make a promise to myself lately that I would try stick to a fitness plan and I mean, I haven't completely thrown it to the side yet. A lot of that has been down to Boohoo though.
This is the part where I tell you this piece has been sponsored by BoohooMAN. All items (except trainers) are from the new Boohoo x Quavo range. This is quite a bold collection with Quavo's eccentric style showing throughout. From psychedelic prints to 90's silhouettes - this collection is here to make a statement. You can shop the collection here. Is this the part where I put #AD?
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Dad's the word

Does anybody else remember when they were growing up their dad would wear all these different types of clothing together and think it worked? Now I'm not saying my dad was pairing leather trousers with some ridiculous flannel over shirt while he grabbed his hard hat before work. That was just occasionally. But its funny how they don't have time to think about putting a coherent outfit together, yet it still works. Forget Steve McQueen - its the dads who have effortless style. Come to think of it, I think I might have taken a page out of the dad playbook this morning, if not for the kick alone.
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For a long time I used to think that jumpsuits were only appropriate if you were a fighter pilot, an astronaut or even a mechanic. I'd seen a few guys sporting them and I would always admire them but I was so unsure if I could pull one off. Just like my dungarees from my previous piece, I have tall boy problems. Little did I know that I would actually be wearing one to a dinner with ASOS. Yep, asos. What a lovely bunch they are, even if I did put my foot in it a few times. One thing is certain though, jumpsuits seem to be a thing and I'm hooked.
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It's been a minute

Like clockwork, my week usually comes to a head every Thursday. The stresses from during the week usually catch up and it ends up being an all out brawl to finish everything before the weekend fun begins. Saying that though, I tend to thrive on situations of crazed, chaotic excess. It has been an absolute minute since I've wrote anything and honestly I thought I was going to stop completely but contesting lifes easiest routes is one of my favourite pastimes. Who would have thought that finding a pair of dungarees that didn't sit uncomfortably at the back would have been more difficult?
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Absolutely Clueless

Do you remember when you were growing up and loving the hardy boys mysterious and being so obsessed with Stretch Armstrong (such a genius name) until it ripped? Me too. But do you remember watching movies as a kid and getting so engrossed in them that all you actually wanted was for your life to be exactly like it was in the movies? Lets take Clueless for example. That was one of the ultimate "How To Be A Teenager" flicks, right? The dream was to go through school like a breeze. Talking your way from a C+ to an A-, driving a convertible (just cause you can), kissing someone with braces and not having that fear of something getting stuck, or thinking to yourself "as if" when someone particularly unattractive hits on you. I bet the last one still happens? It is actually extremely amusing how clueless we were as kids. 
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