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You Won't Miss Me, Kid

There are a lot of things I'm not great at, like winning at card games or using my 'inside voice', but I feel like I can dress myself. But hold on before you write me off as some sort of egoist. I am in no way a style savant but I do know what makes me feel good. My style is like an extension of my personality - that's my schtick. I will always aim for that casual (somewhat) boy next door type; I don't ruffle feathers but I know what I know. And honestly, I think that is how style should feel. But anyway, that's enough nonsensical blabber out of me.
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Young Thug

There are very few things that will put a smile on my face like spending time with my closest mates. I mean... c'mon... you can't beat some quality time with people who just get you. And to be honest, bonus points if you end up laughing uncontrollably. It's funny though how you spend so much time with certain people and you end up picking up each others traits. Y'all a pack of young, thieving thugs.
|mark anthony|

Something New, Something Blue

If I’ve said it once then I’ve surely said it a hundred times (to be honest, I probably haven't even said it out loud before) - I actually cannot resist a matching set. Maybe that has something to do with my childhood? Although having a twin would have been chaotic. Or maybe it is because matching sets are fresh as hell? I guess we will never know. All I know is that I am here for it. 
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'M' Is For. . .

'M' is for: mazed, manic, meticulous, mischievous. 'M' is for moody. To be honest these are all adjectives that probably describe me. But no, its obviously for 'Mark My Style'. A few years ago I shut down my first blog because I wasn't enjoying it one bit. The fun and excitement had just vanished and I just couldn't get those creative juices flowing but I missed it at the same time, you know? For the life of me though, I could not think of a new blog name until it slapped me in the face while I was lying on the bed. It's gas how things find a way of sorting themselves when you just leave them be. Anyway, if I'm needed I'l be on the bed waiting for the next big break through (get your mind out of the gutter, lads). 
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Members Only, Ye?

Lets talk about Flamingos. Mainly because they are on the back of my t-shirt, though. Honesty, right? They are intriguing creatures - they stand on one leg, they're pink and they are one of the most sought after spirit animals. Why the one leg though? Obviously its for warmth but its more interesting to think they are withholding a bunch of secrets. And whats with them always being in a massive group? In fairness though, when we all flock around our friends its like a cheeky members club too. 
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On Yer Bike, Mate

When I was younger there was nothing that excited me more than going out to kick a bit of football with the lads. It literally made me the happiest kid. Since then, blogging, work, the sesh and life in general has taken over, which is kind of sad but sure look. Not one bit of exercise to be seen. That is until now though. You know that love at first sight blabber? Yeah its true. Any chance I get, the new bike comes out. Such a beauty. Can you really blame me? 
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The Name's Red

Over the past couple of weeks my friend group has got very well acquainted with astrology and to be honest, some of us love it and some of us hate it. That's pretty standard though. For me, a great deal of it grabs my attention and that's down to various reasons but you have to admit when you read your star sign and its bang on it is a little baffling. I've went a little in depth with mine and apparently I'm a lover of material things and when I am being emotionally unfulfilled I turn to gaining material wealth. Now, I've purchased a few pairs of converse over the past few weeks so if my self worth is linked to my material comfort I ain't really complaining here. Comfort is key, right?
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