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Nailed it

'Bland' and 'Anodyne' - These are words that might actually fool you into thinking that a neutral hue is one that you should pass on. Don't let that happen. Those greys can pack a punch. Wearing a single colour is a classic fashion trick - you are either going to look chic or garish. Having said that, many avoid the colour because feeling grey is a lot more common these days than it ever was so the association is avoided. Today is World Suicide Prevention Day so it's important to note those little mental wins for yourself. Throwing on a grey hoodie (this one in particular) is one of those wins for me. 

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To make them wink

Have you ever noticed how it is the little things in life that make you happy? The world we live in is incredibly image-conscious. Trying to define yourself is actually kind of hard. But at the end of the day, it boils down to each individual and how they decide to make their outfit stand out. Personally, I just wanted to try out all pink for a day. There wasn't a whole lot of winking being done though...

Midday mood

Man, it has been a long couple of weeks. Between starting something completely new and a few personal hills being climbed, I feel like a holiday is due (again). It is like every day is filled with signs to hit that pause button. You could say that the universe is telling me to slow down and just enjoy life. Having said that, I have been enjoying branching out and trying new brands lately. A little out of my comfort zone but I could literally get lost in these shorts. Brb, going to pitch a tent with them.

Day one

Do you remember when you were back in school and you would count every day as if it was an "anniversary" to something? Just me? As a kid, it usually made sense around relationships but the superficial things worked too. Well, my friends, brace yourself because there is some retro action coming your way. This is my first time wearing this t-shirt (my "one day anniversary", if you will). Very important information, I know. Peace.

"M" is for. . .

A little while ago I got asked 'why are you still blogging?' And I am not going to lie, it hit me hard. The question wasn't put to me in a hurtful way, but just genuine curiosity. Many people think of blogging as a dead ball game nowadays. But is it? Or has it just been cast into the shadows by the next 'it' thing? There is no denying that it was at the forefront for years and in many instances, you could say it still is. A few years ago, I deleted my first blog because I hated everything about it. I think it took me the guts of nearly two years, maybe more, to come up 'mark my style'. But it was that moment of creativeness that hit me, that moment I found an outlet to write down whatever I wanted. I feel I am a bit manic, meticulous, mischievous and pretty damn moody but I think that is what makes this. That and sitting on the floor constantly. In fairness though, you make some of your best decisions down here, pondering the next move.

On the move

Since I came back from my break away in the ever so appealing Faro,  it has been all change. I have been pretty determined to be a sophisticated member of society again. And while I've always considered myself a bit of a renaissance man (sophisticated wording right there), I think it is about time that I started adding some new tricks to my arsenal. Moving to a consultancy agency for fashion, lifestyle and generally cool brands was step one. I feel like buying this striped vest was step two. That's up for debate though.

Lights out

Last night, I said goodbye to the night life industry for the first time in about ten years (I think!). Calm down, I'm not that old, I just got into it at a very young age. Its a little strange in fairness. Hospitality is kind of second nature given my up bringing so its always been an option. Not one I pictured myself being in for so long though. But to be honest, it has taken me out of some of my darkest days and given me some of my best. Its a funny ol' industry. And that goes for most who work it. Your mental health can take a massive turn when you are predominantly awake during the night time. A lot of people don't even consider that. Having said that, I'm pretty damn excited to move into something I've wanted to do for years. For now though, I'll see you again Wigwam.
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