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A country once traveled

Growing up, I never thought I'd leave the countryside. Well that was until I kick started my soccer career. If only... My childhood was fun when I was torturing my sister and I had a solid group of friends. But there was always something missing: travel. Over the years I have noticed that my life has been incredibly insular; I was only affected by what happened in my very tiny corner of the world. I have left the country twice in the past eight months - more times than the past seven years. It's funny, by design, we love to take a look at the lives of others. Even if it seems a bit intrusive. Travel seems to yank us right out of our comfort zones. There is something quite enlightening about an unfamiliar world. I have well and truly started to scratch that itch and man am I glad I have. I visited Luxembourg recently and what a little beauty it is. You could say it has style in all the right spaces?
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Checkpoint yourself

There are a lot of ways to be lost at sea. Sometimes we end up taking a wrong turn too close to the tide. The waters rise and sweep us away as we fight the currents looking for a way back to solid ground. Back to normality, if you will. Sometimes, being lost is not knowing how to get from where we are to where we want to be, where we need to be. A few choice words can be the life raft that gets you home. To be seen, to be found - isn't that what we are all searching for? If there is one thing I''m sure of though, I will be seen in this jumper (or lack there of).
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Life on tick

I like lists. I always have to be fair. It does not matter if I am dishing out a bunch of things for a team to do or scribbling down Arsenal's worst captains (all of them!) - there is something about putting a task in writing. It makes it memorable, binding and concrete, if you will. Multiple to-do lists have all been ticked off and tossed. New Years resolutions funnily enough, never make the cut. Probably because I fail miserably each time. However, lately I've been tackling one list in particular and that is one where negativity has just been pushed to the side and in some instances, out! Here's the thing though, checking a couple of things off a list doesn't really determine progress, but it sure as hell does help. Things are starting to get exciting again and to me, that is progress. 
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Who's that boy?

Although I wouldn't class myself as a guy who has a major lust for print, my eye is always drawn to basic neutrals. I imagine it's like a painting - a canvas, a blank one at that, to escape into an alternative reality. One could only hope, eh? It has been a while since I've donned a white shirt but that urge certainly hasn't been forgotten.

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Lucy's delight

I've always had an unappeasable appetite for photography. Actually, that's a lie, to be honest. Throughout college, I was around people who had a keen interest in it so over time I began to experiment with the idea of photography in the most basic ways I could - a red digital camera. Fast forward a few years later and I have purchased my first proper professional camera. I didn't know much about the ins and outs but I was pretty eager to learn. Sadly that went a little by the wayside over the years but it has been refreshing having that light relit recently. And although I didn't take the above, I'm always happy to be a prop for my pal, even if she is borderline obsessed. 

Ps. This was not staged at all...

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Nailed it

'Bland' and 'Anodyne' - These are words that might actually fool you into thinking that a neutral hue is one that you should pass on. Don't let that happen. Those greys can pack a punch. Wearing a single colour is a classic fashion trick - you are either going to look chic or garish. Having said that, many avoid the colour because feeling grey is a lot more common these days than it ever was so the association is avoided. Today is World Suicide Prevention Day so it's important to note those little mental wins for yourself. Throwing on a grey hoodie (this one in particular) is one of those wins for me. 
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To make them wink

Have you ever noticed how it is the little things in life that make you happy? The world we live in is incredibly image-conscious. Trying to define yourself is actually kind of hard. But at the end of the day, it boils down to each individual and how they decide to make their outfit stand out. Personally, I just wanted to try out all pink for a day. There wasn't a whole lot of winking being done though...
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