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It's Been a Minute

Like clockwork, my week usually comes to a head every Thursday. The stresses from during the week usually catch up and it ends up being an all out brawl to finish everything before the weekend fun begins. Saying that though, I tend to thrive on situations of crazed, chaotic excess. It has been an absolute minute since I've wrote anything and honestly I thought I was going to stop completely but contesting lifes easiest routes is one of my favourite pastimes. Who would have thought that finding a pair of dungarees that didn't sit uncomfortably at the back would have been more difficult?
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Absolutely Clueless

Do you remember when you were growing up and loving the hardy boys mysterious and being so obsessed with Stretch Armstrong (such a genius name) until it ripped? Me too. But do you remember watching movies as a kid and getting so engrossed in them that all you actually wanted was for your life to be exactly like it was in the movies? Lets take Clueless for example. That was one of the ultimate "How To Be A Teenager" flicks, right? The dream was to go through school like a breeze. Talking your way from a C+ to an A-, driving a convertible (just cause you can), kissing someone with braces and not having that fear of something getting stuck, or thinking to yourself "as if" when someone particularly unattractive hits on you. I bet the last one still happens? It is actually extremely amusing how clueless we were as kids. 
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Endless Romance

I've always thought of Valentine's Day as a pretty enigmatic holiday. Like, I've been in my fair share of relationships and I've been happy to celebrate blossoming love - but over the past while, I have been wonderfully single, and when I see all this valentines memorabilia everywhere, it is like a universal taunt against singlehood. However, this year its all about a little self love so I am going to spend it with the most unapologetically crazy person I know. Happy V-day, folks.
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Priorities, Bro

Man, you know what? I actually love a good neutral colour. Throw a white, black, navy or a grey at me and call me Linda. Well, actually maybe don't do that. But to be honest, its really just any colour that gets me in a moody mood. Those colours always take priority for me personally but I feel like maybe we should kick our priorities to the side from time to time and see what actually happens. Who knows, you might find something that you like.
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Going Nowhere

While the cold weather pains my (sunny, yes, sunny) soul, it is sadly the cards we have been dealt with. And while its been a minute since I last posted, I've been flat out exhausted. But then again that could be down to my inner 'skate kid' or some repressed dream to be kickass at something badass. But here, I got a t-shirt with a skateboard on the back of it so maybe this skate park stardom is slowly coming to fruition? That is how it works, right?
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Plaid Lad

I may not have been around for the 80's basement punk parties but honestly, I'll be damned if I don't get a tad bit of inspiration from the devil-may-care grunge trends from the era. Any trouser with a bit of plaid has always been an instant go to. I mean, whats not to love about diving deep into grunge and achieving a modern (albeit sassy) twist? I snagged these trousers a few weeks back and I've pretty much lived in them ever since (and with good reason).
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New Year. New Hoodie.

With it being January its time for those dreaded resolutions. Its that time you think again and dust off the gym membership you bought last year and re-think that "3 drinks-a-week" rule. Honestly, I cant remember the last time I actually kept a resolution. They are like binding contracts with yourself to do something worthwhile for an entire year [cue horror movie music]. So here, why not start small? For me its a new year, new hoodie. Its actually kind of sick isn't it?
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