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Lights out

Last night, I said goodbye to the night life industry for the first time in about ten years (I think!). Calm down, I'm not that old, I just got into it at a very young age. Its a little strange in fairness. Hospitality is kind of second nature given my up bringing so its always been an option. Not one I pictured myself being in for so long though. But to be honest, it has taken me out of some of my darkest days and given me some of my best. Its a funny ol' industry. And that goes for most who work it. Your mental health can take a massive turn when you are predominantly awake during the night time. A lot of people don't even consider that. Having said that, I'm pretty damn excited to move into something I've wanted to do for years. For now though, I'll see you again Wigwam.
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Meshin' about

It kind of feels like the last few weeks have been mayhem. It always seems to be the same story - life continues to move forward while you feel like you are stuck moving throughout time. Do you ever feel like you cant even recall how you have felt days prior? Where have those memories gone? What happened? It is almost like our daily routines just take over. Maybe its time to just mesh about. You have no idea how much I've been wanting to say that. Don't at me, okay?
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Are those sandals, bro?

They say its a pretty scary thing to ask yourself whats next. It's like all of a sudden, all those doubts start to creep in. Are people going to like me? Can I handle the challenge? You can ask these questions over and over or you can just take the first step. For me, I took a few steps in these sandals and to be honest, I'm not sure they are my vibe. But here, every moment is a chance to turn it all around, so who knows.
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Until next time

Contrary to popular belief, it is not always trouble in paradise. I've spent the past while in Faro combating my adolescent desires for excess. Well, sort of. I'd never been to Portugal before this, so I welcomed the new experience with open arms... and ended up with exceptional memories with friends old and new (even if it was just for a minute or two). It's funny, as kids when you went on vacation you would spend hours combing the shores for lost treasures and riding the waves but as adults (somewhat), vacations are a bit more, how should I say... lethargic. But to be honest, I had a pretty decent face-off with the sun every day so I ain't complaining. Does life get much better than that? It probably does, but I'm relishing in the thought of this for my future self.
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Short story

You don't have to know me too well to know that I'm not that great with the sun and excess amounts of it. It's a bit of a love-hate relationship to be honest. I just can't come to terms with those sweaty mornings and sticky afternoons. I'm too much of a fend for a high neck top. Since going away though that has all went out the window. This is a lifestyle I could get use to.
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Vacation day

Over the past few years my travel schedule has been pretty non-existent. That is no joke. One thing that has remained though, are my packing skills. I might be a bit of a whiz at it. And for the first time in I don't know how long, I get to put them to good use. I have a plane ticket to Faro and I could not be more excited. Vacation day it is.
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Story, bud

A penny for your thoughts? Remember when you were a kid and your biggest worry was, if you get stretch Armstrong for your birthday or if you could get away with having chocolate for breakfast. Being an adult though, totally overrated. I mean, don't be fooled by all the slick kicks and the great sex and the no parents anywhere, telling you what to do. Adulthood is essentially responsibility and responsibility sucks. I say this because I love change. Always have since I was a kid. Can't count the amount of times I'd try change a bunch of things. That slowly faded out though as I got older. Change and responsibility don't seem to go hand in hand. Adulthood again, eh? Its finding that balance that seems to be key. And I guess adulthood still has its perks. I mean, the kicks, the sex and the no parents telling you what to do. That has to stand for something? 
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