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It is said. as we get older things just aren't that fun anymore. I'm not really one for aging myself, but sure look. We head out to the pub and the next morning it feels like you have been hit by a bus. You head out to a gig and the next morning your whole body wants to crack into seven million pieces (The Streets was a tough one, okay). It is things like these that cause us to sit back and think "is it really worth it?". Those all day drinking sessions slowly turn into you going to a pretentious bar and drinking your pretentious IPA (guilty!) and nights spent in the gaff playing cards against humanity turn into a few dinner parties here and there. It doesn't all have to be lost there though. Well at least I hope not. I'm latching onto every bit of youth in these shorts to be fair.
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That's Some "Luke"

It has been said that I am someone who is super sensitive and I will always take things personally. It has also been said that I have to be right, even if I'm wrong (debatable, to be honest). Those same people would tell you that I'd try organise your life for you, even if I can't organise my own. One thing I rarely do though is mix business (the blog, of course) and pleasure. But if you surround yourself with friends that will rip the absolute piss out of you for what you do and push you on every other aspect of your life then why the hell not.

Ps. This post may or may not have been sponsored by Heineken + Shania Twain may or may not have contribute by supplying eye-wear.


Weekday Way

Ah, its that time again; Monday. Just like many of us, I have one pretty vitriolic relationship with Monday. Without doubt, I can never actually surrender my good will and happy feelings to a day that continuously sticks its middle finger up at my weekend fun. You always know that its coming but you can never really prepare for the misery it brings. Having said that + ill feelings aside of course, this is getting better. Besides, what better way to tackle Monday than wearing socks that are literally going through all the motions. . .

Check, Please

Neutrals are great and I love jeans and all that but I'm loving the freedom that a pair of trousers gives. Smart joggers specifically. I've been living in them. Granted, most of mine do look like a combination of tartan pants and your Christmas pj's but who are you to judge? It is thought that the best approach is to dive in headfirst, right? At least, that’s what I’m telling myself anyway…

Ivy League

I've become a little bit of an asos fiend as of late. It's a little bit worrying to be honest. I just don't know how much of my wages are actually going to go on new bits. Of course though, I couldn't resist buying this jumper that actually screams "jock". Its so pretentious and extremely 90's so why the hell not like. I was never really a "jock" in school though...I played a lot of sport so its a little hard to believe. But I crowd surfed through other extracurricular activities too much to be labelled one. Old habits die hard but the attention seeking never stopped, eh?

Do You Skate, Bro?

Its only been recently that I've started to add more and more comfortable trousers to my wardrobe, but i can safely say I've kind of been becoming obsession level: psycho about them. Now, granted, that is not too far from my norm but we wont talk about that. The thing is though, when I spot one pair, I want that pair and every other colour they come in. I mentioned psychotic obsessions, right? For real though, I cant help but feel like some sort of skater wannabe in these pants.

New Phone. Who Dis?

There it was...graphic, bold and calling my name. Its not often that I fall head over heels for a t-shirt. Hell, its not often that I wear one. Anything with a short sleeve or a normal round neck - I just won't wear it. I've been like that for years. I just get way too self conscious about myself, but here, I'm slowly coming around (kind of). I mean, surely "New Phone. Who Dis?" is the metaphor here after all.