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Plaid Lad

I may not have been around for the 80's basement punk parties but honestly, I'll be damned if I don't get a tad bit of inspiration from the devil-may-care grunge trends from the era. Any trouser with a bit of plaid has always been an instant go to. I mean, whats not to love about diving deep into grunge and achieving a modern (albeit sassy) twist? I snagged these trousers a few weeks back and I've pretty much lived in them ever since (and with good reason).
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Recent posts

New Year. New Hoodie.

With it being January its time for those dreaded resolutions. Its that time you think again and dust off the gym membership you bought last year and re-think that "3 drinks-a-week" rule. Honestly, I cant remember the last time I actually kept a resolution. They are like binding contracts with yourself to do something worthwhile for an entire year [cue horror movie music]. So here, why not start small? For me its a new year, new hoodie. Its actually kind of sick isn't it?
|mark anthony|

Delivery Day

Every holiday tells a story (or so it should). This is especially true for Christmas. The traditions alone on this one assembles one incredibly tall tale: Santa, the reindeer, the Grinch, and the birth of Jesus. It has always been a time to both reminisce on stories past and look forward to stories to come. Every year, without fail though, it is the same old story for me: I go to buy gifts for people but end up self indulging. At least the sentiment was there, right? I always miss the delivery man though so I guess that's some form of Karma in itself...
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Here Young Fella

It has come to mind recently that no matter where you live, it is always the same story. Life rolls forward around you while you're stuck in hyper speed. Sometimes, you find yourself waking up days later realising that you can barely recall how you felt in the days prior. We are all so focused on our daily routines that we forget to enjoy the ride. So much so that I heard a story a few days ago how seven men ended their own lives in the space of ten days in the same area. Man, that is not okay. How has society become so f**k't up that this is allowed to happen to more and more men every day? Lads, try enjoy the ride (don't let your mind stray too far into the gutter there, ye?).
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Checkin' In

As a kid I liked to jump around a bit. Naturally, right? No I mean, I liked to jump around all the different social groups. Way, way back in the Bebo days you could have found photos of me looking like a scene kid or even a chav (to name a few). One thing that always managed to stick around though, even to this day, was my checkered vans. Its safe to say that I was (and still am) psycho level obsessed with them. Granted that is not too far from the norm anyway but we can talk about that another day.
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Home Boy

Inevitably, it always happens as the temperatures start to drop outside - joggers start becoming an every day staple (and my couch becomes a safe haven from the wintry winds). I mean, comfort is where it is at, right? Even if that means your joggers end up blending in with a brick wall... I am totally diggin' them though.
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Socks Or Cereal?

Nobody wants to be that guy who wears white crew socks with a suit. The same way nobody wants to be that guy who wears dress socks during workouts purely because they were the only clean pair in the drawer. I've waffled on in the past, but socks are literally one of the most essential articles of clothing. But time and time again, their importance, function and aesthetics are often overlooked. When you think about it, its almost like how most of us overlook cereal in the morning - Its importance and function is without question. To be honest, I can't believe I made that comparison, but in this case, it works (I think).
|mark anthony|