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On Yer Bike, Mate

When I was younger there was nothing that excited me more than going out to kick a bit of football with the lads. It literally made me the happiest kid. Since then, blogging, work, the sesh and life in general has taken over, which is kind of sad but sure look. Not one bit of exercise to be seen. That is until now though. You know that love at first sight blabber? Yeah its true. Any chance I get, the new bike comes out. Such a beauty. Can you really blame me? 
|mark anthony|
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The Name's Red

Over the past couple of weeks my friend group has got very well acquainted with astrology and to be honest, some of us love it and some of us hate it. That's pretty standard though. For me, a great deal of it grabs my attention and that's down to various reasons but you have to admit when you read your star sign and its bang on it is a little baffling. I've went a little in depth with mine and apparently I'm a lover of material things and when I am being emotionally unfulfilled I turn to gaining material wealth. Now, I've purchased a few pairs of converse over the past few weeks so if my self worth is linked to my material comfort I ain't really complaining here. Comfort is key, right?
|mark anthony|

Such a Dad

If I was to say go ahead and rank your superstition on a scale of 1 to 10, where do you think you'd rank? Because mine is off the carts to be honest. A few days ago I came across not one, but two dead seagulls within a few hours and I was like "man there is something going on here". Of course I took to Google to research this and the general feedback was that it meant new beginnings. I mean that's something, right? Speaking of new beginnings though - I am getting major dad vibes off this oversized polo...
|mark anthony|

Man Up

If there is one thing that I have learnt, it is to stand up and say you have a problem. But man, I've only been able to do that recently. I came across a campaign last week that really hit me and its kind of frustrated me since. Not at the campaign but at the worlds general view of men. Being told to "be a man" or "man up" are probably some of the most destructive terms today. I'm fairly sure its been said to you at some point of your life, right? And even though you may not have realised it, that experience affected you. However, I cant just sit here and act all high and mighty when I throw around derogatory terms from time to time. The difference here is though that I only do that with my closest mates where I have found a happy medium and I know the boundary. That boundary is crossed when you end up being detrimental to a guys self esteem and confidence though. Being a man has always been linked with power, wealth and athletic prowess but it is these as…

Stay Cool, Kids

Its no surprise that the warm weather here in Ireland is sadly slipping away. Damn you global warming *raises fist to the air*. I was slowly forgetting what it was like to see rain though. However, this does mean we can start layering again and thank f**k for that because I snagged a super comfy hoodie recently and I've been living in it. It is kind of nice not sweating 24/7 though isn't it? I guess its time to stay cool, kids.

Parrots & Things

It's funny how every person you meet makes a version of you in their heads. And each person that you do meet has a completely different version of you, even to your own. Kind of mad, right? They also say that parrots reflect the immense power of our inner mind, yet I still can't convince myself to keep this jacket. Sigh.

F**k It

Over the past year I have really struggled at times with my sexuality. From liking people that I really shouldn't to just about going on dates with a few girls has made it a fun ride (or lack there of should I say?). However, two things still remain - I am still gay and Gay Pride is still one of my favourite times of the year. I could sit here and harp on about history and politics but we don't want that. So, f**k it! Protest the best way you know how and enjoy it the best way you know how.