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Stay Cool, Kids

Its no surprise that the warm weather here in Ireland is sadly slipping away. Damn you global warming *raises fist to the air*. I was slowly forgetting what it was like to see rain though. However, this does mean we can start layering again and thank f**k for that because I snagged a super comfy hoodie recently and I've been living in it. It is kind of nice not sweating 24/7 though isn't it? I guess its time to stay cool, kids.
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Parrots & Things

It's funny how every person you meet makes a version of you in their heads. And each person that you do meet has a completely different version of you, even to your own. Kind of mad, right? They also say that parrots reflect the immense power of our inner mind, yet I still can't convince myself to keep this jacket. Sigh.

F**k It

Over the past year I have really struggled at times with my sexuality. From liking people that I really shouldn't to just about going on dates with a few girls has made it a fun ride (or lack there of should I say?). However, two things still remain - I am still gay and Gay Pride is still one of my favourite times of the year. I could sit here and harp on about history and politics but we don't want that. So, f**k it! Protest the best way you know how and enjoy it the best way you know how.

Identity Crisis

When I was younger I use to go to GAA matches all the time with my Dad and it was literally one of the highlights of my summer each year. As time moved on though I drifted away from the game more and more. It hasn't been until recently that I've actually taken an interest again. That probably comes down to who I am surrounding myself with and the success of my home team though. I've even found myself wearing guys jeans for the first time in years. Shocker. I don't know, maybe I am having a low key identity crisis?

Checkin' It Out

Legend has it that the Prince of Wales actually wore these trousers. Impressive, I know. Nah, I am just kidding mate. Recently, I was chilling out with some friends and we got talking about what was on our bucket lists. And while there was some pretty decent suggestions thrown out there, I literally could not think of one. Having a print on a pair of trousers named after you would be pretty sweet though. Having said that, so would being a Prince...

Sunday Funday

Weekends are my absolute jam. I know that 'living for the weekend' is such a cliche but who are we kidding. Not many things are more exciting than work free days, am I right? I've started to retreat back to old hobbies that I forgot along the way recently and its been absolute bliss. Even started a work out routine (Sorry, what?!). Most Sunday's are spent relaxing and unwinding with friends which I absolutely love but I feel like its time we get out and explore something that isn't Netflix. "Sunday Fundays" has an appealing ring to it, right?


Have you ever noticed how certain parts of your wardrobe are sectioned off and never used? Like, I am fairly certain that I haven't wore one of my funky ass shirts since last summer. That's a little sad given how much I love them. Clearly not enough though, eh? It's weird, ever since summer past I just wanted to be in looser clothing. Maybe the shirts were too restricting? It's a little crazy to sit here and go all psychoanalysis on a shirt though, right? Maybe we should just embrace uncertainty. It could be fun after all.