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Checkin' It Out

Legend has it that the Prince of Wales actually wore these trousers. Impressive, I know. Nah, I am just kidding mate. Recently, I was chilling out with some friends and we got talking about what was on our bucket lists. And while there was some pretty decent suggestions thrown out there, I literally could not think of one. Having a print on a pair of trousers named after you would be pretty sweet though. Having said that, so would being a Prince...
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Sunday Funday

Weekends are my absolute jam. I know that 'living for the weekend' is such a cliche but who are we kidding. Not many things are more exciting than work free days, am I right? I've started to retreat back to old hobbies that I forgot along the way recently and its been absolute bliss. Even started a work out routine (Sorry, what?!). Most Sunday's are spent relaxing and unwinding with friends which I absolutely love but I feel like its time we get out and explore something that isn't Netflix. "Sunday Fundays" has an appealing ring to it, right?


Have you ever noticed how certain parts of your wardrobe are sectioned off and never used? Like, I am fairly certain that I haven't wore one of my funky ass shirts since last summer. That's a little sad given how much I love them. Clearly not enough though, eh? It's weird, ever since summer past I just wanted to be in looser clothing. Maybe the shirts were too restricting? It's a little crazy to sit here and go all psychoanalysis on a shirt though, right? Maybe we should just embrace uncertainty. It could be fun after all.

By The Sea

Over the past couple of months I've been going through a bit of a transition, more so with my friends than anything. Truthfully, I've started to rely on them more than I'd like to admit. And its not until they drag you on an adventure that you actually start to really appreciate them that bit more. I've never been a massive traveler. You could say I am incredibly insular. But here, I was yanked out of my comfort zone. No idea what to pack, no phone signal for two days + somewhere I had no idea about. Sounds like my worst nightmare to be honest. However, although it was a short and sweet trip, travel is where the mundane and ordinary thrive. You have to admit, we all love a little gander (intrusive or not) into the lives of others. One thing is for sure though, I won't be walking anywhere near the sea with my Comme Des Garcons Converse again...SOAKED.


It is said. as we get older things just aren't that fun anymore. I'm not really one for aging myself, but sure look. We head out to the pub and the next morning it feels like you have been hit by a bus. You head out to a gig and the next morning your whole body wants to crack into seven million pieces (The Streets was a tough one, okay). It is things like these that cause us to sit back and think "is it really worth it?". Those all day drinking sessions slowly turn into you going to a pretentious bar and drinking your pretentious IPA (guilty!) and nights spent in the gaff playing cards against humanity turn into a few dinner parties here and there. It doesn't all have to be lost there though. Well at least I hope not. I'm latching onto every bit of youth in these shorts to be fair.

That's Some "Luke"

It has been said that I am someone who is super sensitive and I will always take things personally. It has also been said that I have to be right, even if I'm wrong (debatable, to be honest). Those same people would tell you that I'd try organise your life for you, even if I can't organise my own. One thing I rarely do though is mix business (the blog, of course) and pleasure. But if you surround yourself with friends that will rip the absolute piss out of you for what you do and push you on every other aspect of your life then why the hell not.

Ps. This post may or may not have been sponsored by Heineken + Shania Twain may or may not have contribute by supplying eye-wear.


Weekday Way

Ah, its that time again; Monday. Just like many of us, I have one pretty vitriolic relationship with Monday. Without doubt, I can never actually surrender my good will and happy feelings to a day that continuously sticks its middle finger up at my weekend fun. You always know that its coming but you can never really prepare for the misery it brings. Having said that + ill feelings aside of course, this is getting better. Besides, what better way to tackle Monday than wearing socks that are literally going through all the motions. . .