May 18, 2017

London Bound

Ah that big ol' world of ours, it never stops turning. And as men, we should probably never stop improving. They say we should always be trying to make better sense of the world. A lot more of our time should be spent becoming a lot more well rounded as humans. A bit more interesting if you will. Having said that though, a lot of my time seems to be spent on transport. Between attempts to arrive punctual and appeasing that public transport bug I seem to have, I've ridden just about every mode of transport (I think!) within the past year or two. That is all bar one. It is no surprise that I love being on the go but getting on a plane is not a very big habit of mine. Old habits die hard though. I am London bound, finally. 

I am always over the mood when I see my friends find success and when they get to experience moments in life that are special and truly once in a lifetime but I never really bring myself into that or give it much thought. I just get so content with just doing what I do. That is why I never actually thought I would get the chance to go to London Fashion Week: Men's. EVER. To get an approval email from the British Fashion Council has been one of my biggest highlights yet. London, I cannot wait. I will see you this June.


May 10, 2017

Cut The Clutter | EILE Magazine Vol. 4 - Issue. 10

Ah, EILE - I've missed you. I may have taken a little spring break (Oops!). Sometimes you just need to rest yourself up before you got back at it, right? One thing that is even better than a little break though is a spring clean. We all have a little soft spot for those I bet. Having said that, I am sure we have all forgotten what it is like not to be layered up to within an inch of our lives. Mercury is rising though - the thaw has already began. There isn't a better time to prepare your wardrobe for the warmer months ahead. Its all about that sartorial spring clean in this months installment. Take no prisoners and show that devil on your shoulders telling you "that might come in handy, I'll keep it for now" the middle finger. 


May 3, 2017

Earn Your Stripes

Us menfolk have become pretty confident in our style choices over the past couple of years and while there are some that would probably disagree, I feel like it is a very fair statement. And while we continue to grow in confidence, the weather continues to change and that prompts us to move away from our plain greys (my favourite) and winter blacks. It is almost like a window, or even a windowpane at that, opens up in our wardrobes asking us to give it move lively prints and patterns - a little more spice. Disclaimer: Accidentally pouring chilli sauce on your favourite shirts can probably be avoided here. . .

In time-honoured sun shinning tradition, men are once again required to earn their stripes. There is one difference this time around though - the only way is up. On a side note though, who else loves that song? Vertical stripes dominated so many menswear shows recently so it only makes sense that we do them justice, right? Despite style and even age, stripes work right across the board.


April 26, 2017

Game On

Ah nostalgia, you never seem to leave us. In this instance though it seems to have become somewhat of a pop culture phenomenon in recent times. Since the turn of 2010 the eighties and nineties have been pushed out into the retro zone - no complaints from my corner. But because of this so many styles have been having a little something you could call a revival. Many once popular styles are looking for that feeling of all things old school and with sportswear dominating the industry, it is not really a huge surprise that there is a little bit of a renaissance happening. 

For me, I personally love a bit of a resurgence. That's probably why I couldn't resist buying this somewhat jock-like rugby shirt from Urban Outfitters. It may be extremely 90's and even a little bit pretentious but I cant help but love it. Looking back on it, I'm not sure what category I fit into in school - I was kind of a bit of everything (jock, nerd, loner (sometimes)). One thing is for sure though, give me a ball and I would be happy out. Thankfully that never changed. Now its just all down to timing.


April 19, 2017

Watch Your Back

There is always a time for a bit of vibrancy. Heck, it could be all the sick hawaiian prints from last summer, or even a pastel sock that brings your outfit to life. That colour wheel that we know too well spins in and out of trend every few months. But sometimes it gets a little tiring when you are always wondering whether one colour will go with the other. Sometimes you just need a break. Sometimes you just need a colour to have your back, always.

In this instance, of course its those darker tones. Black is always going to be the new black. It is never going to be the colour of the year. But do you know what it will do? It wont add pounds (woo!) and it will hardly ever clash. And even at that, when you spill that can over yourself it will never ever tell the tale. Your secret is safe here, buddy. It doesn't matter if you wanna dabble a little in darkness or maybe even the deceptively easy all black eeerrthing, its got your back.


April 14, 2017

In Bloom

Looking over my wardrobe in the past you could say that my wardrobe is the Switzerland equivalent of neutral. Now that's not including my socks. That just throws everything up in the air. However, as of late, I am a complete sucker for a good print. But even mixing prints at home gives me such a good thrill. Now, we are not talking about those gaudy prints that your uncle Tom wore to family reunions. No, no. You are looking for a balanced print that swirls in aesthetic and goes with a playful ease right around your garment. That's what you need in your life. Sometimes though, you just gotta let the print speak for itself. 

It seems that I am going through a 'lil phase with my style right now. Or its probably not a phase. Honestly, I think its probably just me not giving a sh*t anymore. That probably sounds a bit over the top but you get what I mean, right? It just means that I am caring less. That could mean that I care less about what people think of my 'nice to meat you' socks which are covered in bacon symbols, or whether the bag I've wore 101 times matches the rest of my outfit - I've made the decision that I just wanna wear what I want, when I want. And that includes getting super dressed up to go down to LIDL or wearing trackies into town. I am kinda done with over caring and so ready just to do me. To be honest I just want to be able to wear my printed trousers whatever the occasion.