February 16, 2018

Back To Black

I'm not gonna lie here but I love all black. But I do love a good pattern too. Having said that though, even the most colourful and eccentric people aren't immune to the gravitation pull of an all black outfit. As the years went by throughout college I noticed myself gathering an inordinate amount of black pieces to add to my wardrobe - from jumpers to kicks and polos to high heels (yes, you read that right). Donning black on black gives off some sort or authority or even empowerment. Who knows what it is. Could be that Vogue editrix persona though? Whatever it is though, I've fallen for it a million times. A little pop of colour wouldn't hurt though, now would it? 


February 1, 2018

Dig Deep

Do you ever get that feeling when you step leg by leg into an old pair of ripped denim jeans? That feeling of a strange sense of sheer joy? I know, I know, it sounds a little psychotic. But, hear me out, yeah? Lets say you dig deep through all those piles of clothes in that wardrobe of yours and you find your oldest pair of denim. Doesn't putting them on feel like you are sinking into the biggest and most fluffiest of clouds? Is that just me? That worn in and worn well feel is always an immediate sell for me. Having said that, the colour yellow is a new favourite at the moment. I cant get enough of it to be honest.


January 24, 2018

Paris Fashion Week Men's [ A/W'18 ]

What if i was to say that London Fashion Week was your hip cousin? And he was young and knew about all the trends before everyone else. And of course, he had a much better wardrobe than you - sigh. That would probably make Milan Fashion Week Men's your long lost granddad, right? Lets just go with this shall we? You rarely see this guy but any memory you have of him brings back a constant smell of cigars. He may drink like a fish but he is always more than happy to tell you stories about the past and throw you an old bespoke suit or two. I guess that leaves Paris then? Hmmm. Lets say he is your overly trendy, even a little obnoxious step brother from the step father you never liked. But still, you end up being impressed everytime you hang out. 

Paris Fashion Week was hit with new Harvey Weinstein claims last week and many of which overshadowed the event itself. But I feel like that is a topic for later in the week. However, many designers reacted quickly to this. The likes of Julien David, Walter Van Beirendonck + Comme des Garcons all sent monster like figures down the runway. Dogs, pigs and even dinosaur heads were all present here. Rick Owens even reacted by ripping his clothes in anger. It was pretty evident that suppressing rage in this moment could not be done. 

Things took a little bit of a drastic turn when Ugg boots were sent down the runway by Y/Project. I know. But this time they were thigh high. Can I say 'I know' again? However, Etudes made things a little political when they took stand against President Trump. Someone was bound to do it, right? In retaliation against the so called 'fake news', clothes were seen with 'The Truth Is Hard' slogans throughout. 

The season does suggest that winter is coming so its no real surprise that tartan dominated some shows. I mean it did run through about three quarters of the collections here in Paris. From some street style brands like Andrea Crews and Facetasm to White Mountaneering, Henrik Vibskov, Thom Browne and Alexander McQueen - there was definitely a tartan army on march. 

The chunky sneaker took on a life of its own throughout London and Milan but not here in Paris. Robust boots were the favoured form of footwear here. Peaky Blinders vibes were at large. Dior paid homage to Dr Martens with its own version of the boot while people were going crazy for Rick Owens suede boots with extended soles. To be honest, most suits were paired with boots with John Galliano and Vetements all jumping on board. 

With the amount of money that is currently being invested in men's fashion, it is no surprise that the industry keeps insisting that men carry bags. It was a rare sight if a model was not holding a bag in some shape or form. Even designers that would never include things like that opted for them. 

People always say that art imitates life but it seems in this instance, life has imitated art. And although there was a lot of hype taken away from #PFW for all the wrong reasons, it is really positive to see the industry react in such a productive way. Paris was extremely lit.


January 17, 2018

Milan Fashion Week Men's [ A/W'18 ]

As one curtain closes on one runway we continue to stride through another. This time though its onto Milan and boy was it all about those boys. Streetwear continues to trump throughout menswear previews while many collections showcased statement basics on which to build a wardrobe. However, Milan Fashion Week Men's and London Fashion Week Men's had a lot more in common than some had thought this time around. However, many still sit around claiming men's fashion is having an identity crisis, even after last weeks shows in London, but in truth all you have to do is look at these shows to see that is total bull. 

This so called 'Time For Change' brought a lot of excitement back to Milan. Last year many of the big names dropped out of the showcase, allowing younger designers to take the wheel. This time around though, it was a little different. Speaking of big names though, lets talk about Emporio Armani's preview. Streetwear at the moment is being hogged by loose layering and easy lines so it really should be Giorgio Armani's moment, yet again. That was not the case though as the designer opted for shrunken silhouettes throughout the collection. You could say that some were as tight as bandage wrappings to be honest. It wouldn't be fashion week if a designer didn't go against their current, right? 

Like many throughout LFWM, Neil Barrett opted to bring us back to the nineties. The designer was trying (and succeeding, at that) to establish a new take on minimalism throughout. It was Dsquared2 and Diesel that looked for more of an Urban outlook for their collections - Dsquared2 with a more glamours take and Diesel with a tribal take. And on that note, Isabel Benenato looked for a more luxurious outlook, while keeping with that chic and relaxed mood that so many others have opted for. Nothing wrong with that of course. 

Things started to get a little spicy when Gosha Rubchinskiy brought us a show that fueled with energy of rock. You could almost feel the post soviet era throughout. Moschino went with the idea of blurring gender lines. It was almost like a tug of war for the clothes to be honest. While Armani drew on his memories and adventures for his second collection of the weekend. Quite a military dandy collection at that. 

Things continued with Dolce & Gabbana and that was just, well, Dolce & Gabbana. Not a whole bunch ever changes there (In a good way of course *ahem*). Prada then hot the runway hard, looking to make an impression by sending out street silhouettes made from layers, upon layers of black nylon - taking us right back to the start of the decade when Prada made a name for itself. It was Fendi though who took us to a whole new level, literally. With a theme that seemed to be based on travel, this was show that was heavy on luxe and utilitarian all in one. This was the kind of stuff for a guy who steps onto a plane and turns left (if he doesn't own his own plane, that is). However, at the end of the day, its always going to be credit where credit is due and saying that only brings Donatella Versace to mind. This collection was almost like a post-modern mash up of preppy and punk with a sprinkle of street on top. So much joy at this one.

Consistency is always key when it comes to fashion week in Milan. Many of the bigger names dropped out last year but returned to the head of the throne this time around, and rightly so. When a brand has been around for a while like many of these top houses, they tend to get a bit boring. But this season there was a sense of excitement again. Things felt youthful again. You could say that elegance met its good friend adventure, here.


January 13, 2018

Curiosity Killed The Camo (Or Not)

I like to think that I was a little fearless as a kid. I'd like to think that I was the first to test a dangerous theory or that I'd never back down from a dare. Like I said, I'd like to think. However, my curiosity has always been one of my greatest allies. But it is also my most formidable opponent. I like to poke around, no point lying about that. I ask questions - you got to be open to the world around you, right? As far as I am aware, we only have this one life so why spend it sitting still? Speaking of curiosity though - I am glad I jumped for these camo pants when I had the chance.


January 10, 2018

London Fashion Week Men's [ A/W'18 ]

Attending any fashion week has always something that I've wanted to do. The excitement it brings is literally uncanny. Being invited to shows and attending parties just seemed like the most glamorous of things. Attending is one thing though. Reporting on it is another. That is probably my favourite thing to do this time of year. And although I have great time for London Fashion Week Men's, many seem to think it is having an identity crisis. From golfer knits and tie-dye tailoring to characters that will bring you straight down the rabbit hole - I think the excitement is still there. 

Liam Hodges brought us right back to youthful pleasures this season by giving us a feel for those raves in the 90's. While What We Wear showed us why its now one of the most anticipated shows on the schedule by taking the tracksuit to a whole new level. Phoebe English has always been renowned for her strong looks and she did just that this time around with a strong focus on textiles and surface textures. Ben Sherman teamed up with House of Holland for a show that I am actually crying I missed. Presented in a 100 meter long gallery, this was basically the 1970's with a twist - everything you'd expect from these two. 

The fun didn't stop there though. Band of Outsiders took us to a whole new level by doing a presentation on ice. Yes, ice! Stepping away from the ice though, Charles Jeffrey gave us oversized jumpers that were literally stuffed with padding, while MAN's Stefan Cooke produced an Argyle knit vest. Astrid Andersen continued this fad by presenting the classic polo with metallic tartan joggers and silk robes. Something different, eh? The caddy is optional of course. 

Cottweiler took us through The Natural History Museum after dark and gave us quiet a refreshed take on practi-cool. North Face anoraks will have to take note. It is no surprise that corduroy played a huge part on the catwalk this season given its prominent position throughout menswear at the moment so I guess we shouldn't rally be too surprised to see one of our most sought after designers Alex Mullins sporting it throughout his collection. And although I am not a huge fan of corduroy, I can get on board with Oliver Spencer's push for velvet trousers. 

Christopher Raeburn and A Cold Wall opted for more of a utilitarian theme. Think wool blankets that were used by the Russian and Danish Navy. Now make them into tops all the while keeping it very street style. Then of course we had harnesses with clutch like bags attached to either side and one on the rear. Pretty handy, right? 

Craig Green got in touch with his inner kid and gave us a collection where is almost seemed like the models were wearing tents and some sort of makeshift flying machine. That is in no way taking away from the collection though. Lou Dalton then took inspiration from the men in her life, looking back at times with her brother. While Wood Wood drew inspiration from the likes of 'St. Elmo's Fire' and 'The Breakfast Club' for the new collection. It was Bobby Abley who then brought the weekend to a close and boy what a close it was. Teaming up with Warner Bros, this was a collection full of fun and high energy - everything you'd expect from the Looney Tunes characters. 

Of course, when every fashion week comes around on the calendar there are always going to be critics. They are always going to say that it has lost its purpose or it just hasn't found its footing. But at the end of the day, London Fashion Week Men's serves a much needed purpose. It is supporting up and coming designers. And most of these guys are young and need that platform. This is something we should be backing, not slating. And if this weekend is anything to go by, then we should be very excited to be part of it. I know I certainly am.


January 4, 2018

Hello Rupert

Well it has certainly been a hot minute hasn't it? Things are finally starting to slow down and I'm beginning to realise what day it is again. If there is one thing I am sure of though, its that I've always been fond of mixing and matching. I wouldn't stand here (or sit here, rather) and call myself a non-conformist but I would say I am a lover of creative challenges. Testing the stylistic limits of ones wardrobe is always going to be the utmost fun - especially when you find a pattern that can look great on anybody. You could say plaid is the chameleon of the pattern world.


December 22, 2017

Wrapping Season

Without question, Christmas is probably my favourite holiday. It has kind of got the better of me this year but that's because of retail. That's never going to be fun this time of year. But once the likes of Black Friday are noting but a distant memory, sometimes you cant help but get giddy. Its a little like when you were a kid and it was the last day of school before summer. And while I love receiving gifts, I love giving gifts so much more. Although, I don't have that many people to buy for, I just buy for myself instead. Is that really selfish? At least the sentiment was there, right? Besides, how could I not have bought this coat? It is wrapping season after all...


December 12, 2017

Out Ranked

Oh, you know how it goes: the weekend comes to a dreaded close, your alarm goes off despite the snooze and Monday returns to ruin our lives once more. And here we are, on our way through another week. This time it went a little differently though. Feedspot (a news and blog reader site used by 1.7 million people (or so I'm told) ) got in touch to tell me my blog had been ranked in the "Top 100 Men's Fashion Blogs". Eh, DELIGHTED!! Although I am near the bottom of the pile, I am amongst some of my favourite bloggers from around the world - I'll take that. Time to start climbing that list.

Top 100: https://blog.feedspot.com/mens_fashion_blogs/


December 7, 2017

Purple Haze

Eighteen days and counting...who knew Christmas would come around so quick this year. One thing is for sure though - the weather is pretty brutal. Quare cold, some would say. But every now and again we get treated to that perfect winters day where there is next to no breeze, the temperature is just right and the lighting is lit AF. Sounds great, right? Sadly they are few and far between these days. Pops of colour will just have to do instead.