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They say that the potential for great style isn't just limited to that budget of yours. I've always kind of believed that style doesn't have to be expensive. Now I say kind of because I tend to struggle at not spending money on clothes on a weekly basis. However, while I do enjoy a good splurge on an expensive item (or seven), a whole bunch of my wardrobe was bought on an affordable budget. All you really have to do is pick a personality for the day and then dress for it. Most people don't really look into it but your style blooms from that confidence you get from dressing yourself. Having said that, some of us still struggle with that - I look like a peach right now after all.
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Blocked Up

Pink has never been one of my favourite colours; I just find it a little too cheery for my taste. Maybe a toned down version yes, but vibrant pink has never screamed out at me. I rather when colours are a little moody, brooding and matte in some cases. That probably says a lot about me, to be honest. It's just that when I throw on pink I half expect to look in the mirror and see Paris Hilton looking back at me or something. However, the curiosity of wearing the colour always gets me. Last night, when I was searching through my boxes of socks I came across a plain pink pair (yes, plain!) and I kind of found myself wanting more. But obviously I can't break away from my moody neutrals completely, but maybe I am slowly becoming a convert.

In The Green

Ever since I was a kid I've always been a bit biased towards the colour green - maybe its because I'm Irish or maybe its because my eyes like to change to that hue from time to time (long story)? Green just feels like such a natural colour. All you can think about is the outdoors, falling leaves and fresh cut grass. Its something that mixes so effortlessly with neutrals. To be honest, if you think about it, the colour pretty much grounds any composition with a well balanced foundation. What's that thing they say? All the good things are green? Its something like that, right?


In the game of life, if it isn't cozy, get rid of it. If you don't feel one hundred percent comfortable with it, then it has no business what so ever in your wardrobe. With Spring weather lurking its almost time to jazz everything up again. I've finally brought my blog design out of 2009 and tried something different. Que the teething problems obviously. And I've managed to bag a couple of fleece's that I am absolutely in love with. It was like love at first sight to be honest.

Back To Black

I'm not gonna lie here but I love all black. But I do love a good pattern too. Having said that though, even the most colourful and eccentric people aren't immune to the gravitation pull of an all black outfit. As the years went by throughout college I noticed myself gathering an inordinate amount of black pieces to add to my wardrobe - from jumpers to kicks and polos to high heels (yes, you read that right). Donning black on black gives off some sort or authority or even empowerment. Who knows what it is. Could be that Vogue editrix persona though? Whatever it is though, I've fallen for it a million times. A little pop of colour wouldn't hurt though, now would it? 

Dig Deep

Do you ever get that feeling when you step leg by leg into an old pair of ripped denim jeans? That feeling of a strange sense of sheer joy? I know, I know, it sounds a little psychotic. But, hear me out, yeah? Lets say you dig deep through all those piles of clothes in that wardrobe of yours and you find your oldest pair of denim. Doesn't putting them on feel like you are sinking into the biggest and most fluffiest of clouds? Is that just me? That worn in and worn well feel is always an immediate sell for me. Having said that, the colour yellow is a new favourite at the moment. I cant get enough of it to be honest.

Paris Fashion Week Men's [ A/W'18 ]

What if i was to say that London Fashion Week was your hip cousin? And he was young and knew about all the trends before everyone else. And of course, he had a much better wardrobe than you - sigh. That would probably make Milan Fashion Week Men's your long lost granddad, right? Lets just go with this shall we? You rarely see this guy but any memory you have of him brings back a constant smell of cigars. He may drink like a fish but he is always more than happy to tell you stories about the past and throw you an old bespoke suit or two. I guess that leaves Paris then? Hmmm. Lets say he is your overly trendy, even a little obnoxious step brother from the step father you never liked. But still, you end up being impressed everytime you hang out. 
Paris Fashion Week was hit with new Harvey Weinstein claims last week and many of which overshadowed the event itself. But I feel like that is a topic for later in the week. However, many designers reacted quickly to this. The likes of Julien…