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Weekday Way

Ah, its that time again; Monday. Just like many of us, I have one pretty vitriolic relationship with Monday. Without doubt, I can never actually surrender my good will and happy feelings to a day that continuously sticks its middle finger up at my weekend fun. You always know that its coming but you can never really prepare for the misery it brings. Having said that + ill feelings aside of course, this is getting better. Besides, what better way to tackle Monday than wearing socks that are literally going through all the motions. . .
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Check, Please

Neutrals are great and I love jeans and all that but I'm loving the freedom that a pair of trousers gives. Smart joggers specifically. I've been living in them. Granted, most of mine do look like a combination of tartan pants and your Christmas pj's but who are you to judge? It is thought that the best approach is to dive in headfirst, right? At least, that’s what I’m telling myself anyway…

Ivy League

I've become a little bit of an asos fiend as of late. It's a little bit worrying to be honest. I just don't know how much of my wages are actually going to go on new bits. Of course though, I couldn't resist buying this jumper that actually screams "jock". Its so pretentious and extremely 90's so why the hell not like. I was never really a "jock" in school though...I played a lot of sport so its a little hard to believe. But I crowd surfed through other extracurricular activities too much to be labelled one. Old habits die hard but the attention seeking never stopped, eh?

Do You Skate, Bro?

Its only been recently that I've started to add more and more comfortable trousers to my wardrobe, but i can safely say I've kind of been becoming obsession level: psycho about them. Now, granted, that is not too far from my norm but we wont talk about that. The thing is though, when I spot one pair, I want that pair and every other colour they come in. I mentioned psychotic obsessions, right? For real though, I cant help but feel like some sort of skater wannabe in these pants.

New Phone. Who Dis?

There it was...graphic, bold and calling my name. Its not often that I fall head over heels for a t-shirt. Hell, its not often that I wear one. Anything with a short sleeve or a normal round neck - I just won't wear it. I've been like that for years. I just get way too self conscious about myself, but here, I'm slowly coming around (kind of). I mean, surely "New Phone. Who Dis?" is the metaphor here after all.


They say that the potential for great style isn't just limited to that budget of yours. I've always kind of believed that style doesn't have to be expensive. Now I say kind of because I tend to struggle at not spending money on clothes on a weekly basis. However, while I do enjoy a good splurge on an expensive item (or seven), a whole bunch of my wardrobe was bought on an affordable budget. All you really have to do is pick a personality for the day and then dress for it. Most people don't really look into it but your style blooms from that confidence you get from dressing yourself. Having said that, some of us still struggle with that - I look like a peach right now after all.

Blocked Up

Pink has never been one of my favourite colours; I just find it a little too cheery for my taste. Maybe a toned down version yes, but vibrant pink has never screamed out at me. I rather when colours are a little moody, brooding and matte in some cases. That probably says a lot about me, to be honest. It's just that when I throw on pink I half expect to look in the mirror and see Paris Hilton looking back at me or something. However, the curiosity of wearing the colour always gets me. Last night, when I was searching through my boxes of socks I came across a plain pink pair (yes, plain!) and I kind of found myself wanting more. But obviously I can't break away from my moody neutrals completely, but maybe I am slowly becoming a convert.