March 29, 2017

It's Complicated

Brands, brands, brands - they are all around us. Everything we drink, everything we eat, everything we buy or even watch, is in some way branded. I always think that I'm giving the huge consumerists the middle finger when I am buying into own branded goods but I am still buying into a brand, even if its not recognised as much. It doesn't mater if we get our chi tea latte from Starbucks or some independent coffee shop - some executive has had their grubby fingers all over it. Having said that though - that could suggest that most brands are the same? We know that couldn't be further from the truth. Brands are far from equal in nearly every sense. From the quality of a product to the size, from the purpose to the intensity, brands are as different from one another as we are from elephants. 

However, when it comes to clothing, it is nine times out of ten going to be about the brand. When it comes down to it, dressing well and looking good is all in the image. But udoes that branding really matter to you? Or will you 'fake it until you make it'? Opinions on knock off do get to you and they will hinder your decisions. Brands are unavoidable. However, I feel like how you wear your clothes is a lot more important than what you wear. Who am I kidding - I'm just trying to make myself feel better about buying a pair of knock off acne studios sunglasses. . . 


March 24, 2017


There will come a time in each of our lives when you have just seen it all. Clothes wise, that is. You've bought everything and you have worn every variation of that same t-shirt you can think of. To be honest, your wardrobe is probably bursting at the hinges and contains enough clothes to keep you clothed for the foreseeable future. But what is it that compels us to buy more? Frankly, we just want the best of its type. That is the holy grail of menswear. This is what keeps us looking. This is what keeps us buying. 

We all know that menswear doesn't go through extreme changes like womenswear - it is something that evolves instead. That is why us men trust our reliable basics. They set the foundation for any wardrobe. And of course, if they are good, they will be worn for countless years. These are the items we don't have to think about. And that's what makes them so special. You gotta love a good basic.


March 17, 2017

The Boy With The Shamrocks

I have an unnatural affinity for socks (yes, yes, you know). . . 

So when the occasion arises, I will try my very best to get a pair of socks that match the festivities. St. Patrick's Day was coming so it goes without saying really. Happy St. Patrick's Day, folks. 


March 9, 2017

Walk The Line

I cant believe its actually March already. I feel like the last couple of weeks have been utter mayhem. It always seems to be the same story, no matter where you live - life continues to move forward while you feel like you are stuck moving throughout time. Do you ever feel like you cant even recall how you have felt days prior? Where have those memories gone? What happened? It is almost like our daily routines just take over. Maybe its time to slow it all down?

Its a little like a revival you could say - something the pinstripe knows all about. After breaking free from its banker and gangster connotations, this is something that has never felt or looked more contemporary, relaxed or, honestly, more cooler. You could say the pinstripe is a self proclaimed explorer. Nobody wants to be a boring power dressing banker. A thrill seeking explorer is more exciting. If one thing is for sure though, its that these trousers bring a lot of excitement to my day. They make me want to wander and roam all day long.


March 1, 2017

Menswear Prevails | EILE Magazine Vol. 4 - Issue. 7

In today's world, gender stereotypes dictate everything. If we were to follow, it would be the girls who like fashion and the boys should be loving all those monster trucks. But times change. Gender stereotypes are there to be smashed. And if there is one thing that the recent fashion weeks for men have proved, its that fashion is by no means just for girls. But of course, there will always be a couple of skeptical characters in the crowd. Having hit London, Milan, Paris and New York, men's fashion week is far from just pretty boys strutting their stuff down the runway. You don't want to let them slip by you unnoticed. But why shouldn't we let them slip by? Because menswear prevails. Take a look at the rest of my article over on eile magazine. 


February 22, 2017

Mark Squared [A Collaboration w/ Mr. Jenks]

When you start to care about what you are actually wearing it can all be a little bit too much to process. It is no secret that men's fashion has caught up with its female counterpart, with the choices available for men growing to an overwhelming level in the last decade alone. A little like learning to swim, they say its important to start at the shallow end and then gradually work your way deeper. But even after you learn all the rules, sometimes it can feel like everyone else is miles ahead when it comes to style. This more often than not comes down to your own lack of attention to detail. From a simple alteration to a creative turn up, personalising your look is easier than you think. All it takes is a couple of tweaks - nobody is expecting you to go full on Gok Wan here. . . 

One of those simple tweaks is the pocket square - a little something that is a few centuries older than the modern suit itself. Dating all the way back to Shakespearean times, the pocket square has quite literally become a sartorial staple for the modern man. It doesn't matter if its cotton, silk or linen. It doesn't matter if its printed, plain or patterned. One of these pieces of cloth have the potential to make an average tailored look A+. From the three point fold to the casual fold, these are pieces of cloth that will always personalise your look. Accessories always have more than one use though. Don't be afraid to break those rules.